GlassAct Studios Inc. Secures United States Patent for Permanent Color Inlays for the Memorial Industry

Orem, UT: This month, GlassAct Studios, Inc., a company that manufactures custom permanent color art inlays for the memorial industry, announced that they have secured a United States patent. After developing and rigorously testing the manufacturing and inlay process, they applied for the patent almost two years ago.
Roy Santo, owner of the company and patent holder said, “This is very exciting news for us. Now that the United States Patent Office has confirmed our innovation, we can further ramp up our manufacturing and exclusively offer a truly unique product. We’re confident that our product will change the monument industry for years to come.”

About GlassAct Studios, Inc.: GlassAct Studios Inc. is an art glass design and manufacturing company based in Orem, UT. They installed their first colored glass inlay into a headstone twelve years ago. Since then, they have enhanced and tested their glass products to withstand extremes that monuments and headstones will never face. Their product is now patented and can be found in cemeteries and memorial gardens in several states. GlassAct Sudios is ready to manufacture the specialty inlays for companies that are interested in permanent color. The toughened permanent color inlays will define a new area in the memorial business.

Orem, Utah November  2016